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Feeedback in 2016-2017 included:

“This module will be of great use in my future career as you’ve presented a variety of innovative ways to think about the application of decision-making in improving organizations” – MK (Newcastle)

Very interesting, it is an original way to learn about complicated concepts.  I now understand that nothing goes alone but there are interactions between the concepts we've seen in class. I will adapt this approach to the decision-making process in my everyday life.” – CS (Paris)

“This workshop has really opened up my mind to analytics and how I will improve my decision-making going forward.” – HL (Singapore)

The session allowed us to take a step back and reflect on the link between innovation, data, and technology. We saw some very nice concepts which we will be able to use in real life in our companies. The Decision Making was for my point of view the most important part of this module. It incited me to learn more about how datas can help companies and managers to take better managerial decisions.” - PN (Lyon)

"The conflict, competence, vision, and metrics really benefit my insight of nto management and business itself. Thank you very much for not just delivering the info but also a way of thinking to me.” - TS (London)

« This workshop trained us to think beyond the obvious and challenged us to question the concepts and processes we encounter in our business environment.” – SP (Paris)

“I no longer regret having spent four years studying technology. Thank you very very much, this was one of the greatest modules I have ever had.” – SH (Kiev)

“Your way of teaching and interacting with the audience has actually inspired me to try to adopt your interaction style as well” – DD (Paris)

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