Who is the target audience?

The Masterclass targets mid and senior level managers who are considering an investment in business analytics for their current roles and future careers.  We can stage the MasterClass as either an inter-company exercise across industries, or focus in on one industry in a intra-company session.  We can also accommodate certain Executive MBA and MSc students with a minimum of working experience.

Was is the aim of a  one-day introduction to the topic? What are the main take-aways?

The idea of our Masterclass is to provide decision makers with sufficient information to decide whether further investments in business analytics are worth their time and energy. We will be covering the essential points of managerial decision making, business analytics, and storytelling with data, as well as responding to the participants questions and specific concerns.

Is a one-day sufficient to cover the topics in enough depth?

If we have sufficient demand for a two-session, we can easily adapt the program. Please note that we also offer a 5 day summer school program, as well as five 15 or  30 hour ExecEd modules on Working in the Digital Age, Managerial Decision Making, Business Analytics, Managerial Statistics, and Visual Communications.

Who will be the lecturers?

The facilitators for the MasterClass are Davy CIELEN and Lee SCHLENKER whose credentials are available online. The faculty members for our other classes are detailed in the course syllabi.

What is the cost per person, and what does this include?

Our MasterClasses are currently being marketed at 995 Euros. This includes lunch and refreshments, as well as access to the course support materials and exercises.  For university partners, this price includes the proposed commission. Accommodation can be arranged upon request.

Who will provide the certification? 

Participants will receive a certificate of completion (rather than a certification)  at the session.  The certificate will come from the Business Analytics Institute, mentioning our corporate and university partners.  We would like to propose to our university partners to take this certificate into consideration if the participants choose to apply for  an ExecEd program at their institution.

Is there a minimum group size for the MC to be held?
We currently require a minimum registration of twenty participants for each session. Participants will be refunded in full should the session be canceled.