Executive Masterclass


Business Analytics is ranked as thebest job in America” in 2016 - best in terms of the salary, of job opportunities and work-life balance. Far from a passing fashion, The McKinsey Global Institute predicts by 2018 world-wide there will be 1.5 million more jobs than qualified business analysts.

Business analytics is the process of transforming data into action to drive decisions, actions and revenue. This One Day Executive Masterclass provides with an opportunity to develop their management skills and competencies through a hands-on experience of analytics in business and industry.

The DSign4Analytics Masterclass is designed to explore the mission critical skills in applying data science to business decision-making in fields ranging from marketing, operations, finance, to management, human resources, and accounting. Discussion topics are organized around practical case studies of business analytics in markets and industries considering the attendees' experience and interest.

Session 1: Managerial Decision Making

Digital Transformation is providing management today with a wide range of possibilities to understand individual and group behaviors, objectives and actions. Despite the panoply of data at our fingertips, managerial decision making isn’t significantly better today than it was thirty years ago. Understanding the nature of the business problems we are trying to solve, the types of the data we have at our disposal, and the appropriate methods to address each type of problem is the key to improving managerial decision making. This introduction discusses how managers can harness the techniques of information and cognitive sciences to improve their contributions in the design, production, marketing of products, service and experiences.

Session 2: Business Analytics

Business analytics fuels “Big Data” initiatives around customer profiles, point of sales transactions, and operating performance. Business analytics is defined as the study, integration, and application of knowledge, skills, and methods for using data, statistical analysis, quantitative approaches, and predictive modeling to enable data-driven decision-making, innovation, and leadership in organizations. Organized around case studies of business analytics in a wide variety of industries, this conference focuses on how machine learning helps management define, contextualize, and evaluate their business strategies.

Session 3 -  Visual Communication – storytelling with data

Collecting data isn’t the same thing as extracting value from it. The value of data at hand depends on management’s ability to translate the insights in into actionable business outcomes. Visual Analytics refers to the visual exploration, representation, and communication of structured and non-structured data.  This conference will help managers appreciate the importance of developing these « last mile » skills that help managers, their teams, and their customers convert insights into actions. Using case examples from a variety of industries, participants will see how basic design and visualization principles can help them their story by the numbers.

on concludes with case examples from a variety of industries that underline the value of modern data analysis and presentation.



 The course is meant for professionals working with, or aspiring a career in, data and/or business analysis.

  • Senior Management
  • Operational Managers
  • Business analysts
  • Statisticians seeking to understand varying business logics to complement their technical skills