Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Lee SCHLENKER is Professor of Information Systems at EMLYON and the Director of the consulting firm LHST. Recipient of the EDSF prize for the use of technology in teaching, he has been instrumental in setting up and overseeing sponsored academic Chairs with IBM, Oracle and CEGID. He has directed missions for firms including Apple, Ernst & Young, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP in the manufacturing, telecommunications, public works and service industries. Recognized as an expert for the European Commission on e-learning, he has directed or participated in studies on improving management education in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  Lee currently teaches various management education courses in England, France, Italy and the Netherlands.  His short and middle term professional objectives can be summarized in three areas: * researching and teaching the use of enterprise applications of information technology in general, and its impact on the individual, the customer, professional communities and innovation in particular; * developing and evangelizing the use of digital authorship, based his own work on the digital, social and interactive publishing platform AMATE; * reinforcing his contributions to the academic community in the French grandes écoles, in Newcastle, Milano and in the ICEB (China). Each of these points is developed in both his CV below and on this personal portal. Download his academic c.v. in English Télécharger son c.v. académique en français