I have facilitated or contributed to four dozen professional and academic conferences over the years on four continents.  The support deck from my most recent conferences can be consulted by clicking on the icons below.

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International Conferences (2002-2017)

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7.      Schlenker, L. (2014), “Social Learning in Mangement Education” ICEB (Singapour), 01 au 04 décembre

8.      Schlenker, L. (2013), Service Logistics and the CloudOAM Vision Workshop, Microsoft Dublin, 20 mars

9.      Schlenker, L. (2013), Mobile Pedagogy, IADIS, Lisbon, 14 mars

10.  Schlenker, L. (2012), What is your blueprint for the Cloud, HP DMI Meeting, Lyon, 19 mars

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15.  Schlenker L. (2009), Social media as a source of Management Innovation, CIO Conference, Zurich, 11 octobre

16.  Schlenker L. (2006), Shared Services : Identity, authentication and security, MPA Conference, Newry, Nothern Ireland, 19 janvier

17.  Schlenker L. (2005), Information technology’s impact on work-based pedagogy, Executive Learning Group MIT, Cambridge, 12 octobre

18.  Schlenker L. (2005), eXeL : e-learning in management education, eXel Conference Bruxelles, 07 mai

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