14 mars 2017 The Business Analytics Institute

1)     What is the leitmotif of the organization?

A tool for learning, exchanging, and positioning each member in the business analytics community

2)     What is the mission statement?

Big data is the daily challenge for companies. We want to help our community to make sense of the data

  • Sell the profile of the member
  • Find talents
  • Sell services: e-learning, conferences, personalized advices
  • Make sense of the data to take better decisions

4)     How can we define our community?

  • Like a sports club: Desire to progress collectively
  • Lobby and a networked association (a physical linkedin)
  • Matchmaking
  • Professional target
  • Members: companies (information systems,  the dsi, managers, consultants,   Potential clients (students in apprenticeship)

5)     The marketing segment of consumer

Segmentation by sector (digital, information systems, Digital Marketing)

and professions (Consultant, Business Analyst, Community Manager, Traffic Manager, 



6)     The curve of engagement?

  • Survey to measure the state of digital sector inside a company
  • Propose of contents: newsletter, conferences, online learning
  • Incentives of donations
  • Attribution of points when people comments or liked posts (gamification)

7)     How to identify people interested by our association?

  • Creation of a page on social networks
  • Make the website accessible and visible to everyone
  • Import contact with Twitter and Linkedin and then make mailing with MailTo

8)     How to establish the contact?

  • Mailing
  • Social network page with a link for the website

9)     What is a success in terms of measurement for our association?

  • Number of subscribers on the website minimum 200 people (traffic: number of unique visitor, number of visits, number of pages seen)
  • Number of comments and likes
  • Number of people in Conferences
  • Number of people during the summer school
  • Links / posts shared on social networks

10)  What are the means to stay in touch with the members of the community?

  • Original Newsletters sent by mail
  • Repertory of contact
  • Make feedback with subscribers after a help or to know new themes of studies
  • Invitation to events: general annual meeting, organization of forum
  • Engage discussions about differents thematics, different period during year


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