Lee.jpg"My pedagogy focuses on helping business and engineering students understand how enterprise applications, web technologies and mobile applications can enrich their own potential.  In my teaching, consulting and project work, we look beyond "features and functions" to build realistic use scenarios with measurable business value.  In my current modules on e-strategies, mobile applications, social commerce and omnichannel distribution, I work with my students to elucidate the business challenges, identify the opportunities, analyze current experiences and examine the potential for each vision."  

Dr. Lee SCHLENKER is a Professor of Information Systems  and the Director of the consulting firm LHST. Recipient of the EDSF prize for the use of technology in teaching, he has been instrumental in setting up and overseeing sponsored academic Chairs with IBM, Oracle and CEGID.  His current research interests include digital transformation, information architectures and mobile business strategies. He has directed missions for firms including Apple, Ernst & Young, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP in the manufacturing, telecommunications, public works and service industries. Recognized as an expert for the European Commission on e-learning, he has directed or participated in studies on improving management education in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  Lee currently teaches various management education courses in England, France, Italy and the Netherlands. 

Our pedagogy focuses  on how disruptive forms of information technology can lead to organizational innovation.  Offered in Lyon, Newcastle and Milano, the following modules explore the use scenarios, methodologies and technologies of  :  



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Personal and Corporate Branding

MT116: E-réputation

How can we assure the right mix of  personal development and packaging in the digital age?

Social Commerce


How has CRM evolved toward customer to customer conversations?

Enterprise Applications


If technology mirrors organization, how has IT taken into account processes, networks, and people?

Information Systems Managment


If the management of information systems is the search for meaning, what are we searching for?

Mobile Applications


Will mobile applications create the conditions to restructure enteprise information systems ?

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