My work focuses on helping management students and practitioners understand how digital transformation and business analytics can enrich their own potential. 


Schlenker2.jpgDr. Lee SCHLENKER is a Professor of Business Analytics and a Principal Consultant of the Business Analytics Institute.  

Dr. Lee Schlenker is a Professor of Business Analytics and a Principal of the Business Analytics Institute (BAI). In his consulting assignments, publications and training, Lee fosters the development of insight-based decision-making in addressing the managerial challenges of artificial intelligence, digital transformation, and customer analytics.

Over the last twenty years, he has led two dozen missions in banking and finance, telecommunications, and public administration. His recent client list includes Adecco, Axa-Winterthur, British Telecom, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, NationBuilder, and the SAS Institute, as well as several universities and business schools in the US, Europe and Asia.

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